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  Pin nailers, like the Hitachi NP18DSAL 23-Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer are an exciting new addition to the market. Pin nailers are the smallest of finish nailers available, utilizing ultra-thin 23-gauge pins. The fasteners range [More]
I paid for it with my own money, so suck it youtube!
Testing a Husqvarna gas chainsaw against a Makita electric chainsaw.  
  We take a look at the new Makita 18V wheelbarrow. It has the about the same stability as a standard one wheel wheelbarrow. The rear wheels help for traveling on flat surfaces. As you [More]
I give a few pros and cons of the 48″ Husqvarna thus far after 11 hour of service. Here are a few other videos that I have done on this mower.  
My Makita electric bike fits almost anywhere. The pedal assist offers me all the power I need for short trips to the store or walking with the dogs. It is not a long distance commuter. [More]
  Today we would like to help you with a simple task, that sometimes isn’t so simple…..finding a stud. We have all at one time or another, wanted or needed to hang something on a [More]
  I’ve owned the Stanley Sweetheart 60-1/2 low angle block plane for a few years and recently picked up the WoodRiver low angle. I compare the two planes on both features and usability.
  View to learn all about Hitachi’s New Cordless Finish Nailer series- now available!  
  A video review of the CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder. This is a very compact and low-cost product that can locate the stud by scanning the screws, nails or steel steel and attracting to [More]